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Business Gifts

Companies are now sending gifts to their customers for more personal reasons other than the holidays – and it is making them stand out! The reason to give a business gift doesn’t have to be complicated – or expensive. Here are the top 7 reasons to keep on giving with Toffee to Go all year long.

Send Business Gifts

Make Your Business Gift Stand Out

Send Toffee to Go

Send Business Gifts
Your client received a promotion

Celebrate with them and show them that they are more than just a client to you.

Your client has placed their 10th or 100th order with you

Landing that order resonated with you - why not spread the joy?

Your client sent you a referral

Show your appreciation, by sending a business gift of our toffee to make sure they know how much it means to you.

Your client opened a new facility or branch office

Your client's growth could mean your own growth. Share the excitement with a box of toffee.

Business Gift Ideas
It's your client's birthday

Make your client feel special on their day with an unexpected toffee treat.

A company goal is reached and/or an important project is completed

Success comes from the collective work of a team. Remember to thank everyone.

Your client (or their company) is honored with an award

Say congratulations with Toffee to Go and let them know you are proud of them.