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Your toffee was the talk of the evening yet again! We served it the other night at a dinner party at our home and our guests were absolutely raving about the toffee... it is truly beyond! As you know we have ordered it as gifts for friends and family, and we have also ordered it for our events and every time it gets stellar reviews! We remain devoted fans.
Colin Cowie

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Our Customers have had some great things to say about Toffee to Go...

Our office just received a box of your toffee - milk chocolate almond. I came into the office today to find a group of people standing around crunching and immediately had a beautiful red and green box shoved at me. "You've got to try this!" It is so buttery, chocolatey and fresh. Everyone was asking if our client had made it herself.

My only suggestion - that you find a quieter bag to package it in. I got busted when I went to sneak another piece. =)

Thank you for the awesome taste sensation. I'm thrilled to see that your prices are reasonable for such a great treat. Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays to you, your staff and family.


I got your toffee in yesterday's mail. I staved off temptation until about 4pm when I couldn't resist any longer. I opened that box and ate nearly every piece right then and there. It is truly the best toffee I have ever had. Two weeks ago I bought a "plank" of toffee from a shop in Westshore Plaza and it was terrible. I only ate about a third and tossed the rest - something I never do, even if I don't like what I'm eating. Your toffee has restored my faith in toffee.

Anyway, I let my boss and co-worker have a little nibble of yours and they oohed and ahhed. I hope we sell a lot because I know that club members and their administrative professionals will LOVE this toffee.

Thanks for the sample!

Julia Marrs

I LOVE YOUR TOFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish you could send it through the email... I need a piece so badly right now!!! (You are the first people I think about when I have a need for gift for someone.)

C.A. "Carly" Johnston, Diaz Fritz

Toffee to Go is a great "thank you" after a presentation or milestone with a client. I actually had a client say "knew we would have great account service" because we followed through with such a unique and timely thank you. Not to mention it tastes incredibly great!

Michelle Wise, Schifino | Wise


I'm Karen, Eileen and Cynthia's sister and Keith Peloquin's Aunt. I met you both when I was in Tampa last week for Gasparilla. I "hid" the Toffee in the freezer when I got home on Monday and by last night half of it was gone. I had to share some with my co-worikers at Bracewell & Giuliani (yes, THAT Giuliani). I have to tell you, it's getting RAVE reviews all around! Several have said to me, "That is the best toffee I've ever had!" I would have to agree with them. One of my co-workers had an emergency root canal on Monday afternoon and is still recovering from that but had a piece of toffee anyway! They should use this stuff instead of the Waterboarding "technique" at the CIA! So, I wanted to thank you and tell you what a great thing you all have going there! Take care!

Karen Bishop, Bracewell & Giuliani LLP

Dear Lisa and Jim,

I would like to personally thank you on behalf of the Fifth Third for helping us with our holiday gift order. As you know, we learned of (and sampled) your product at a local convention and after the first bite we knew this would be the perfect gift for our clients. As more and more of my colleagues saw (and tasted) the samples they wanted to do the same for their clients. And because of that we had a few last minute changes to the order total. Your staff was extremely helpful all throughout the order and fulfillment process including those last minute additions to the order. Even with all the last minute changes we had, your team got every box of toffee out in time for the holiday. We received such wonderful feedback from our clients, some of which said they loved it so much they were "hooked" and had to get more.

Again, I would like to thank you both for helping us with our holiday gifts; your product is excellent, your staff is remarkable, and your logistics are flawless. We will definitely be doing more business with you in the future!

Ryan Soto, Fifth Third Bank