Blog Feature: Choco Files

Blog Feature: Choco Files

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Thank you Jenny Spillane for featuring Toffee to Go in your Choco Files blog post! We loved it!

Choco Files

I was first introduced to Toffee To-Go by a close family friend.  The business was still fairly new at the time, and she was helping the owner, a close friend of hers, spread the good news.  It was Christmas Eve.  I was stuffed to the brim with the celebratory meal, and dessert was about to begin.  Amongst the cake and pie, the cups for coffee and festively frosted Christmas cookies, she had put out a generous tray of Toffee To-Go for us to sample.  My world was forever changed. 

I have always been a fan of toffee.  I love the combination of sweet and salty, the double whammy of chocolate and such buttery goodness.  But I had never before experienced anything like Toffee To-Go. 
Toffee To-Go is unique in its delicateness.  Most toffee is extremely hard and brittle.  While Toffee To-Go has a satisfying amount of crunch, it is softer than other toffee.  Not soft in the sense that it is chewy or flimsy, but in the sense that when you bite into it, it doesn't always break off into sharp chunks like most toffees would.  Instead, it is possible to nibble at, to almost shave off bits of Toffee To-Go.  It's more crumbly than rigid, and therefore I recommend eating it over a plate.  Believe me, you will want to scoop up every last bit. 

Toffee To-Go tastes more creamy than sugary.  It's balanced; there is just as much care put into the chocolate and nuts as there is put into the heavenly caramel center.  Offered in three luscious varieties, Toffee To-Go is coated with either white, dark or milk chocolate and sprinkled respectively with crushed macadamia nuts, pecans or almonds.  The middle portion, what I think of as being the actual "toffee," is studded with nuts of the same variety.  Despite my usual affinity for dark chocolate, the white chocolate macadamia nut toffee is my favorite variety.  All of the nuts are top-notch, displaying the hallmark of a really fresh nut: a very small yet tangible trace of their oil.  The chocolates are dense and bittersweet with a heavier, more serious taste, grounding the almost airy quality of the center.

Though it has received many awards for excellence in the past, this past year Toffee To-Go's culinary genius was honored by being chosen as one of Oprah's Favorite Things.  I am so excited for the Schalk family and the whole team at Toffee To-Go!  It's a recognition well-deserved.  Since that first Christmas Eve many years ago, Toffee To-Go has become my favorite brand of toffee, not to mention my most anticipated gift under the tree each Christmas.  If you're looking for something exceptional, I highly recommend Toffee To-Go. 

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