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Kosher Toffee

Our Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee, Dark Chocolate Pecan Toffee and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Toffee is Kosher Certified!

Kosher Toffee

What is Kosher?

The laws of kosher date back to the time of Moses over 3300 years ago. They are very intricate and extensive, detailing which foods a Jewish person is permitted to eat, and the ways in which it may be prepared. Although the essential laws have not changed since they were given at Mount Sinai, their application to issues presented by current food processing technologies requires an expertise in both kosher law and modern food technology.

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Why is it important for Toffee to Go to be Kosher?

It holds our production facility and our product to the highest standards of product ingredient quality and cleanliness. This is important to us and our customers.

How Does Kosher Certification Work?

Kosher certification confirms that a product meets the requirements and restrictions of kosher law. It is a process by which the kosher status of a product or establishment is warranted and guaranteed.

Who is your kosher-certifying body?

OK Kosher is our kosher-certifying body. They are the world’s largest independent kosher certification agency. Their kosher symbol is one the world’s most valuable and recognizable kosher logos, trusted by consumers in North America and around the world. They certify approximately 3000 production facilities of large and small companies and their focus is on maintaining the highest possible kosher standards. They have over 80 years of providing kosher certification.

What is the difference between OK and OKD?

We have the OKD certification since our product contains dairy.

How often does the rabbi come to TTG?

The rabbi visits our Toffee to Go production facility four times a year.

What does this practice entail?

The rabbi checks our ingredients to make sure we are using only the approved kosher ingredients and inspects our facility for cleanliness and organization.