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Why Corporate Gifting Programs Are a Great Way To Connect With Employees

It's expected that the corporate gifting market will grow by 6.6% in 2022, and that its value will increase from $258 billion in 2022 to $312 billion in 2025. Clearly, corporate gifting is effective, and it's here to stay.

Perhaps you don't have a corporate program yet at your company but are considering it. After all, the benefits must be worth the costs for you to implement something new.

Well, we're here to tell you that it's a fantastic idea and that you won't be giving away free things for nothing. Read on to see why corporate gifting programs are great for your employees.

Corporate Gifting For Employees

It Makes a Good Impression on New Hires

You might remember the first day you were on the job. The morning was full of anticipation and excitement, and you were eager to see how your employer would greet you when you walked through the door.

The way new hires are received on their first days can heavily influence how they feel about working for you. If you let them down, then they're more likely to put in mediocre work and quit sooner.

If you welcome them with a large gift basket full of goodies, then they'll be pleasantly surprised. They'll look forward to what else is in store for them in their future with your company.

They'll Feel Appreciated

59% of workers say they feel unappreciated by their employer on a daily basis. This can lead to them having lower productivity and engagement with the company. As a result, you might have unhappy employees who are disconnected from their work and don't perform at their best.

Giving gifts can be a small token of appreciation that'll go a long way. Your employees will feel acknowledged for the hard work they put in every day.

Corporate gifts can also be a sign of respect toward your employees. It lets them know that you don't just view them as faceless cogs in a machine.

You'll Maintain Employee Relationships

It's easy to feel lost in a company, especially if it's a larger one. But if your employer gives gifts often, especially personalized ones, then it's easier to feel like you're a team player that matters.

If your company is small enough, you might know each worker on an individual basis. In that case, take full advantage and show that you listen to them and know them as people. For example, if Jack says he only eats kosher foods, then he'll appreciate it if you go out of your way to present him with food gifts that accommodate his diet.

Sending corporate gifts to remote workers will also help you maintain employee relationships. All too often, these employees feel forgotten and left out, especially if you have in-person events and parties they can't attend. Make sure they feel like part of your company by sending them surprises through the mail.

They'll Have Better Morale

Corporate gifting means you'll be showering your workers with cool and useful things, like personalized mugs, gift cards, and sweets. You'll keep your employees in happier moods, which results in better morale.

When your workforce is constantly receiving presents, it's tough to be grumpy or upset. With higher morale, they'll be more productive, as they'll be more invested in the success of your business.

It Helps With Employee Retention

Have you been struggling with employee retention? Well, it may be surprising, but a corporate gifting program can help with that.

As you've seen in the above sections, gifts can impress new hires and keep morale up, which results in better employee retention. When workers feel appreciated and happy, there's no reason to leave their current employer.

It Improves Your Brand's Reputation

When your employees love the gifts you give them, they'll be more than happy to tell everyone about their employer. They'll boast of how well they're treated, and consumers will think well of your company because your workers are singing your praises.

Also, if you give your employees high-quality swag, they'll want to show it off. Not only will they take pictures and show them off on social media, but they'll also take the opportunity to use your swag whenever they can. When others see your presents, they'll know your brand is dedicated to providing only high-quality products.

Custom Corporate Gift Ideas

It Helps You Stand Out Against Your Competition

If you're in a competitive industry that's oversaturated with employees, then you'll know how hard it is to attract talent. Competitive pay is only one part of the equation to hiring fantastic workers.

The other part involves an excellent company culture. No one wants to work in a hostile or cold environment, after all.

Employers who acknowledge their workers' efforts and proactively make the workplace a safe space are ones worth working for. So when you show candidates around the office, not only will they see cheerful employees, but they'll also see desks filled with wonderful presents they'll want for themselves.

Get on Board With Corporate Gifting Programs

It should now be clear that corporate gifting programs are beneficial for everyone involved. Not only will you maintain good relationships with your employees, but they'll also be more effective workers since they feel appreciated.

As you can see, you can easily beat your competition by implementing a corporate gift program. And while you're at it, you should also provide these gifts to clients and partners, as a lot of the benefits overlap.

For the best corporate gifts, contact us today. We've got plenty of handmade toffee choices that'll make your employees happy.

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