The Easiest Gift Giving Guide: Understanding Your Client's Personality Type

The Easiest Gift Giving Guide: Understanding Your Client's Personality Type

Have you ever found yourself sitting for hours browsing page 23 of a gift website, with 18 gift website tabs open on your desktop, stumped for ideas on what to buy for a client? Read on to view this helpful gift giving guide for clients and customers.

Some people are more challenging to buy for than others, and the pressure to pick the right corporate gift can feel intense. But there is a solution, and that's to match a gift to their personality type.

In this gift giving guide, we'll explain how to spot your client's dominant personality trait and match this with the perfect gift.

Customer Gift Giving Guide: Why Personality Matters Most

You want to wow your customer when presenting them with a gift. And the best way to do that is to find something that matches their personality. Each individual is unique, and so are their preferences, and this gift giving guide will help you figurte that out.

Plus, a well-matched gift will show you in a positive light. Your business will come across as thoughtful and generous. And it's a subtle hint that you understand them as a client - which is always a plus point.

Offering a personality-driven gift will help strengthen your relationship with the client. You'll build trust and leave a lasting impression. That's valuable and makes it well worth your time to research the perfect gift with our gift giving guide.

The Key Personality Types

While we all are individuals, it's possible to group certain personality types. Marketing teams have crafted four buyer types on the back of personality research from Carl Jung. These four types are analytical, assertive, amiable, and expressive. In the next part of our gift giving guide we will discuss those personality types.

Analytical Clients

This type of customer loves data and detail. They are logical and efficient, and they like practical things.

Assertive Clients

Assertive clients focus on goals. They are notably decisive and driven to succeed. They are often competitive and highly successful in business.

Amiable Clients

Amiable clients will often come across as warm and friendly. You may already have a close relationship with this type of customer. They value personal relationships and cooperation.

Expressive Clients

Expressive clients are the most artistic and creative. They are often outgoing and show a lot of enthusiasm. They love talking about new ideas and value innovation.

How to Identify Your Client's Personality

You may already know your client's personality if you have a long-standing relationship. However, that's not always the case. And you might want to use corporate gift giving, and this gift giving guide, to impress a new customer.

However, you can gather some information in a few ways to determine your client's personality. First, look at their communication style during a meeting or video call.

Identify Your Clients Personality

Are they someone who focuses on the small details? That's a sign they might be an analytical type of personality. Do they love small talk and jokes at the start of a meeting? That could suggest they are primarily amiable personality types.

Assertive customers are probably the easiest to spot - they will be clear in what they want and fixed on goals and targets. They may push you for things like ambitious delivery dates, for example.

Expressive types will often see creative solutions to problems or challenges. If you find a customer has lots of new ideas to bring to a meeting, it might be a sign that they are an expressive personality.

Remember that most of us will often exhibit more than one personality trait. But the more you interact with someone, the more you will see a dominant personality trait shine through.

If the client is brand new to your business, you could use a survey to glean this information as part of your client onboarding. Ask some fun questions about their likes, preferences, and business approach to help you determine more about them as a person.

Client Gift Giving Guide: Gift Ideas Based on Personality Type

Finding the perfect corporate gift might seem a challenge at first, but let's discuss some ideas in the next part of our gift giving guide. Once you narrow your choice by personality type, it becomes easier. Here are some suggestions for matching your gift to your client's personality.

Analytical Clients

Here you have someone highly pragmatic and likes the detail in things. So make functionality the starting point of your gift hunt.

Consider items that offer a practical purpose. A planner or journal might be something they would value. Food and drink is another great option for this group.

Assertive Clients

This personality type is success-orientated, so any luxury gift that symbolizes that will be well-received.

This type also tends to be highly productive, so something to help manage their time is a great idea. Other popular choices for assertive clients include motivational books or the latest tech gadget.

Expressive Clients

Expressive clients are outgoing and creative personalities.

They will appreciate any gift that makes them smile, like a personalized food gift. They love artisanal items or creative accessories. Experience gifts work well for this group, such as a cocktail-making class. They love adventure.

Amiable Clients

Amiable clients value relationships. So they will love heartfelt gifts with a personal touch.

Any customized gift works great for this personality, and it's a chance to convey genuine sentiment about what that client means to your business. This client type will also enjoy gifts that offer a lasting impression, such as framed artwork.

Using Personalization to Your Advantage

If you still need ideas, let's go even further in this gift giving guide and use personalization to your advantage when choosing a gift. Customizing a gift for the recipient is an easy way to tailor it to the person.

You could choose engraving as a way to personalize a gadget or tool. And if you opt for stationary, there are various ways to customize paper, notebooks, and pens. You could even personalize it with a theme based on the customer's hobby.

Calendars offer any way to customize a gift. Calendars are also helpful in promoting your brand, as they'll be visible in the customer's office.

Other ideas for personalization include custom-based accessories, decorations, and food packages.

Our Toffee To Go corporate gifts offer a range of customization options. And our sweets our well-loved by everyone, meaning you'll always be able to find the perfect match for any customer personality.

Gift Giving Guide: Finding Gifts With Meaning

Corporate gift giving doesn't have to feel like a gamble, waiting with the hope that your gift won't be met with awkward silence. By understanding your client's personality, you can find the perfect match.

We hope this gift giving guide has provided you with plenty of ideas. And now it's time to see how our Toffee To Go corporate gifts tick all your boxes. Browse our fantastic product range.

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