The Perfect Sweetest Day Gift

Sweets for my sweet! Did you know “Sweetest Day” was started by a candy company employee (imagine that!) in 1921 in Cleveland, Ohio? The holiday was first celebrated in Cleveland, when candy maker C.C. Hartzell organized the distribution of 20,000 boxes of candy to young orphans, the elderly and poor people in the city. Over time it has become a day when you do or give something sweet to a special person in your life. What are you planning to do for Sweetest Day? Oh you forgot about it! No worries, we created a fun list of sweet things to do for your sweet on Sweetest Day!

  • Go see a romantic comedy movie
  • Make dinner reservations
  • See the city by water-taxi
  • Go for a long walk together on the beach
  • Give a nice box of candy (we suggest Toffee to Go!)

Whether it’s a romantic or a friendly gesture, we love the idea of giving or sending someone a box of Toffee to Go! After all, there’s #nosweetergift than Toffee to Go to celebrate Sweetest Day, this Saturday, October 15th!

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The Perfect Sweetest Day Gift

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