Toffee to Go mentioned on CBS News

Toffee to Go mentioned on CBS News


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Toffee to Go was mentioned in a CBS News segment recently regarding FedEx delays due to the weather.

Unlike Santa Claus, Federal Express is conceding it won't be able to make all its scheduled deliveries on Christmas Eve.

FedEx is hoping to ease the disappointment by delivering packages on Christmas Day and opening counters at its Express offices across the U.S. so customers can pick up the gifts themselves.

The carrier blames the delayed shipments on inclement weather in parts of the U.S. and a last-minute surge of holiday shopping.

The counters at the Express offices will be open Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. FedEx's other offices will be closed.

Household deliveries will be given top priority on Friday.

Customers can find out if their delayed shipment is scheduled for Christmas day delivery or available for pick up by checking at or calling 800-463-3339.

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