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Toffee to Go - A Labor of Love

Jim, when did you make your first batch of toffee? It was December of 1989. We were living in Kansas City and I started making our family toffee recipe out of our home. We were making the toffee to give along with homemade cookies as our Christmas gift. Do you have any funny stories of a batch “gone wrong” while you were perfecting your toffee-making skills? Oh Yes…I had a...

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Customer Spotlight: Toffee to Go at Every Closing!

Recently we had the opportunity to sit down and chat with one of our very first corporate clients, real estate agent extraordinaire – Brenda Wade Brenda, we would love to know more about how you decided to go into a career in real estate. I was born to be a realtor! My father was a contractor in Pensacola, Florida, and I grew up watching homes being built. I remember almost...

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Toffee to Go Announces Hiring at Local Job Fair

We at Toffee to Go are excited to announce our plan to hire up to 30 employees for our busy upcoming Holiday season. Full time and part time positions with flexible hours are available in the Pinellas Park area. Some positions start as early as August 22nd. If you, or anyone you know are interested in becoming a part of our team, visit the Toffee to Go job fair being...

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Christmas in July

Right now it’s HOT, HOT, HOT, but pretty soon it will be HO, HO, HO! We know what you are thinking, it’s July, and the temperature is in the 90’s, who would be thinking about Christmas right now? Well, we elves at Toffee to Go officially have Christmas on our minds! We order our holiday boxes, start calling on clients to get their orders in early and most importantly we...

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One Night with Seth Meyers

We were excited the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas chose Toffee To Go as their sweet gift for over 1700 attendees at their One Night with Seth Meyers event! #onesweetnight; #sethmeyers; #koshergifts

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