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The Perfect Sweetest Day Gift

Sweets for my sweet! Did you know “Sweetest Day” was started by a candy company employee (imagine that!) in 1921 in Cleveland, Ohio? The holiday was first celebrated in Cleveland, when candy maker C.C. Hartzell organized the distribution of 20,000 boxes of candy to young orphans, the elderly and poor people in the city. Over time it has become a day when you do or give something sweet to a...

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Kosher Toffee Candy: The Perfect Rosh Hashanah Gift

After being asked for several years at the national gift and food shows if their product was kosher, Lisa and Jim Schalk owners of Toffee to Go are now able to respond, “yes” to this question. After submitting the initial application and being contacted by a Rabbinic Coordinator, an initial visit was scheduled for a thorough inspection of their production facility in Pinellas Park, Florida. Toffee to Go was then...

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Toffee to Go - A Labor of Love

Jim, when did you make your first batch of toffee? It was December of 1989. We were living in Kansas City and I started making our family toffee recipe out of our home. We were making the toffee to give along with homemade cookies as our Christmas gift. Do you have any funny stories of a batch “gone wrong” while you were perfecting your toffee-making skills? Oh Yes…I had a...

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Customer Spotlight: Toffee to Go at Every Closing!

Recently we had the opportunity to sit down and chat with one of our very first corporate clients, real estate agent extraordinaire – Brenda Wade Brenda, we would love to know more about how you decided to go into a career in real estate. I was born to be a realtor! My father was a contractor in Pensacola, Florida, and I grew up watching homes being built. I remember almost...

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