Employee Appreciation Gifts: The Perfect Way to Say Thank You!

Employee Appreciation Gifts: The Perfect Way to Say Thank You!

Have you ever stopped to think about the power of employee recognition?

In one recent survey, 37% of employees said that it was the top motivator that would encourage them to produce more and better work. While other types of perks and rewards are always nice, you might be surprised at how far a word or note of encouragement can go.

When you want to show your workforce how much you recognize and respect them, a small gift is a great way to start! At Toffee to Go, we have all of the employee appreciation gifts you need. Today, we're sharing how to choose and give one that will be meaningful and memorable.

What Should I Gift My Employees?

Think About Their Interests and Personality

Too often, corporate gifts can feel generic and uninspired. Instead of just choosing the first item you find online, take the time to think about each recipient you want to honor.

Do they have any special interests or hobbies that you can acknowledge and support? Even a small token of appreciation can inspire them and let them know that you're invested in their lives outside of the office. You want to do what you can to help them be as happy and healthy as possible, and that starts with boosting morale around the workplace.

In addition to interests, think about their personality when looking for employee appreciation gifts. Look for a gift that allows and encourages them to showcase their true spirit.

If they're bold and outspoken, look for bright and colorful employee appreciation gifts, like a patterned scarf, that complements their character. If they're quieter or more introspective, find something that they can use on their own time, without drawing too much attention to themselves, such as a journal.

Of course, there are some employee appreciation gifts that appeal to nearly everyone, like candy!

Our team at Toffee to Go knows firsthand that our premium candy can bring people together as few gifts can. Perfectly buttery, crunchy, and decadent, each piece is a delight. Let our Gift Giving Experts walk you through all of your options so you can choose the varieties that you know your team members will love.

Corporate Gifts

Look for Something Unique and Unexpected

Chances are, your employees don't need another ink pen or notepad. Their cabinets are probably overflowing with mugs and tumblers, and their drawers are stuffed with t-shirts.

Ideally, the employee appreciation gifts you should be both enjoyable and useful.

When you're researching all of your options, think outside of the box and go with something a little unexpected. The element of surprise is always fun!

For instance, why not give a box of our specialty toffee instead of the normal box of chocolate that every employee anticipates? Each piece is rich and delectable, with three delicious flavors to choose from, including:

  • Milk Chocolate Almond
  • Dark Chocolate Pecan
  • White Chocolate Macadamia Nut

It might look similar to that telltale chocolate box on the outside, but once your employees dive in, they'll notice the delicious difference right away.

Give Toffee for Employee Appreciation Gifts

Seek Out Meaningful Employee Appreciation Gifts

Have you ever heard of love languages? In short, these are the things that make people feel the most appreciated, cherished, and respected. There are many different types of languages, and none are one-size-fits-all.

For instance, some people might respond better to words of encouragement, while others want tangible tokens. Then, there might be some people who prefer experiences over objects.

While love languages are often used in the context of personal relationships, they can apply to any type of interaction, including work relationships.

Think about how your team members would respond to the gifts you're thinking about buying. Would some people prefer public recognition, such as a shout-out in the company newsletter, versus a physical gift? Is there someone who would rather accept a small present than receive any type of public praise at all?

It can be difficult to understand and acknowledge everyone's gift-giving preferences, but it's worth taking a little time to think about the type of motivators that have worked for them in the past. That way, you can try to replicate those same emotions with this gift.

Keep It Memorable

We all have those employee appreciation gifts that wind up shoved into the back of that one drawer we never use. They might have been nice to receive at first, but we forgot about them not long after we got them.

If you're going to invest in a corporate gift, make sure it's something they'll remember long after closing time. The best part? It doesn't have to be overly expensive to make a great, lasting impression.

You can be confident that your team members will remember a box of our mouthwatering toffee, even if they devour the whole thing in just a few minutes. It's evident from our glowing testimonials, including sentiments from our repeat buyers.

Since we got our start more than 20 years ago, we've shared our delicious toffee with more than 30,000 happy recipients. We have many companies who contact our Gift Giving Agents around the same time every year because they know they can trust our quality and customer service. Plus, their employees request it again and again!

Find the Best Employee Appreciation Gifts Today

We get it. Shopping for employee appreciation gifts can be tough! You want to get something that everyone will love, but you also want the gift to feel special and personalized.

This is why our toffee boxes make the best employee appreciation gifts for anyone in the office. They're unexpected, meaningful, and the perfect way to reward your workforce for a job well done. Beautifully packaged and filled with the most scrumptious morsels, you can't go wrong when you trust our team to take care of yours.

Ready to shop our selections? Request a quote today and we'll reach out to help you through the gift-giving process!

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